The 10th episode of season six of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta begins with Stevie J celebrating the birth of his first child in seven years. The producer is looking forward to spending time with his daughter Bonnie Bella, but is finding a way to let his youngest daughter Eva know that she has a new baby sister. When Stevie confides in his older children about being a father to Bonnie Bella, they say they have no qualms about accepting their newborn sister, but are less forgiving when it comes to Joseline. They need to hear an apology from Joseline before fully crossing the bridge towards being amicable again.

Tammy Rivera and Scrappy’s ex-fiancee Bambi link up to discuss their relationships with their partners, and Tammy remains conflicted about her future with Waka Flocka. She wants him to fully understand the ramifications of his actions. Bambi also confides in Tammy about her own situation with Scrappy and how she’s coping with life after being his lady. Tammy suggests that she focus more on herself right now.

Yung Joc has been meaning to address the altercation at his comedy show with Treasure, and pulls her aside to voice his displeasure with her airing out his business. When Joc steps to Treasure about her actions, she defends herself and says that she was fully in the right. However, Joc isn’t happy with her decisions and decides to part ways, firing Treasure as his intern, with the two separating on less than amicable terms.

Joc, Scrappy and Stevie J hit the studio to check out Maybach Music Group rapper Gunplay. During the session, they get some things off their chests about their recent issues and happenings in their lives. Joc admits that he had a feeling that Tommie was only using him to get revenge on Karlie Redd and that he doesn’t see his dealings with her going any further. Scrappy throws the fellas for a loop when he announces that he’ll be moving to Miami now that his engagement with Bambi is over and says the he wants to throw a bachelor bash to celebrate life as a single man again.

Momma Dee is not satisfied with her husband Ernest, who has moved back into his mother’s house due to his own frustrations with Dee and feeling unappreciated. The two begin to bicker with one another, with Dee insisting that Ernest’s mother is causing the rift in their relationship. However, Ernest believes that Dee’s attachment to Scrappy is weighing down their relationship. The two fail to come to a resolution, leaving the future of their marriage on shaky ground.

Karlie Redd sits down with Rasheeda and Tammy Rivera to sip tea and share gossip about their friends, and the first topic at hand is the birth of Joseline and Stevie J’s child and how it will affect Mimi Faust. The next bit of news that’s shared is what went down at Yung Joc’s comedy show and the altercation between Tommie. Tammy believes that Tommie being with Joc wasn’t right, and it was karma for Karlie’s own actions. When Rasheeda mentions that Scrappy is throwing a bachelor bash, she convinces Tammy to show up to the party with her in case her husband, Kirk Frost, is also in attendance.

Breaking the news to Momma Dee about the end of his engagement Bambi, Scrappy says that he is also throwing a bachelor sash to commemorate the occasion. When he reveals that he will be moving to Miami soon to get his career back on track, Dee is caught off guard. She also has news to share since she has made plans to get a new home and is leaning towards cutting bait with Ernest due to their differences.

Tammy decides to give Waka Flocka a chance to take her on a date after her daughter Charlie’s insistence. She initially seems unimpressed with what looks like a simple movie date, but Waka turns out to be way more thoughtful, as he has curated a video featuring special moments between himself, Tammy and Charlie. The gesture is one that moves Tammy. When Waka suggests that Tammy let him come back home after he gets back from touring, she's hesitant, but seems to be open to the possibility.

The night of Scrappy’s bachelor bash has arrived and the rapper takes the stage to give a performance of one of his new records. He's surprised when he doesn't see Kirk in attendance, but the night gets off to a festive start regardless. Gunplay also shows up to rock the mic. Mama Dee is still sad about Scrappy’s decision to move, but believes it's for the best. She decides to surprise her son at his party, but it will have to wait due to Rasheeda and Tammy confronting him about what went down with Bambi.

Stevie J is also in attendance and has brought along his new artist, the Panamanian Goddess. It's apparent Kirk is absent when more than one person makes mention of him missing the party. Things take another twist when Treasure shows up to the party to apologize for her actions. When Treasure gets on her knees and begs for forgiveness, Joc accepts her apology, but says that she's on thin ice moving forward.

The event continues on a positive path, but drama rears its head again when Momma Dee brings Rasheeda’s mother, Shirlene, onstage. She adds her two cents about Kirk and his actions, stirring up the post. Even though Kirk isn't present, Shirlene doesn’t hold back, and demands Kirk take a paternity test. She warns Scrappy and Yung Joc to tell Kirk that she’s on his trail and that he will take the DNA test, one way or another. The moment is a clear sign that there will definitely be hell to pay for Kirk moving forward in this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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