The sixth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has arrived and already looks to be filled with more than a fair share of drama. Joseline Hernandez is still pushing forward and is taking part in a pregnancy photo shoot. She's also still working on her music career and mentions Young Dro as a collaborator she's been working with recently.

Stevie J and R&B singer Faith Evans have called it quits, however, he remains in good spirits, except for when it comes to Joseline's behavior. Stevie J questions whether he's the father of Joseline's child, but says that he will take care of his responsibilities as a father if it turns out that the child is his. Joseline has maintained that Stevie J is the father and has filed a court order forcing him to take a DNA test. She intends on having Stevie J pay child support and be there for his child.

Yung Joc and Karlie Redd may have broken up on bad terms, but the two are back together and having fun with each other. The rapper says that although he enjoys Karlie's company, he's not ready for a relationship. She's been spending a lot of time with Joc and doesn't plan to sleep with him until he shows he's serious about her and apologizes for the disrespectful things he said to her during the previous season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Mimi Faust has returned to Love & Hip Hop in good spirits and says she is co-parenting with Stevie J and continuing to explore her sexuality. Melissa, who is also a DJ and promoter, is Mimi's latest love interest and is intent on winning over Mimi's heart, despite her own friendship with Joseline serving as a potential road block between the two being intimate long-term.

Tammy Rivera, who discovered that Waka Flocka cheated on her during their marriage, has moved out of the house at the moment.

When asked if Stevie J is enjoying his new role of being a father, Mimi says that he is denying that the child is his and mentions Young Dro as one of the potential fathers of the baby.

Tommie was one of the more volatile cast members of Love & Hip Hop after having a run-in with Joseline last season. The incident resulted in a restraining order being issued against Tommie, which she has been in an ongoing legal battle fighting. She says that Joseline is causing her problems and that she wants Stevie J to speak to the police to help shed light on what happened. Stevie J also reveals that he's also at odds with Joseline and that he intends to help out Tommie while figuring out his next course of action.

Although her issues with Stevie J still loom, Joseline has decided to throw a party in celebration of the release of her new song with Young Dro, who is also in attendance and seems to be attracted to the Puerto Rican Princess in a major way. The festivities are going along smoothly until Karlie Redd shows up to the party to surprise Yung Joc and check up to see if he's with any other woman.

Karlie spots Joc with another woman, Jasmine, and confronts the two, but the woman in question turns out to be a friend and not tied to him romantically in any way. Karlie's assumptions may have been proven wrong, but when Jasmine reveals that she has with Kirk Frost, the husband of cast member Rasheeda, a whole can of worms opens, setting the stage for an epic turn of events to come.

Just as Karlie Redd and Yung Joc are discussing the news about Kirk Frost's secret baby, Kirk walks into the party and is immediately confronted by Karlie, who wants answers. Kirk says that he doesn't know Jasmine and that he doesn't have any secret children when pressed by Karlie. Jasmine, who saw Kirk as he entered the party, has also decided to put their history out in the open. When Kirk denies knowing her, Jasmine says that Kirk has been to her house, that he was present during the birth of her child and that he's been providing money to take care of the child since its birth.

Karlie Redd has notified Mimi, whose ex-boyfriend Rodney Bullock happens to be Jasmine's current boyfriend, to come to the bar, where she informs her of the news about Kirk and the possibility of him having another baby outside of his marriage. Mimi says that Rodney is a scam artist and that with him being involved with Jasmine, they could be attempting to blackmail Kirk. Everyone is unsure as to who to believe.

Kirk, on the other hand, is afraid of his wife finding out about the news from anyone but him and makes his way home to come clean. After Kirk gives an account of the events that happened that night, Rasheeda asks if he ever had relations with Jasmine, and he claims that he hasn't and that he's not the father. Rasheeda remains calm, but is skeptical of her husband's story and intends to get to the bottom of it and uncover the truth.

Stevie J has accompanied Tommie to speak on her behalf, however, the cops have no interest in hearing what Stevie has to say and quickly arrest Tommie and send her off to jail. Tommie is disappointed in being locked up, but is more than familiar with the legal process and says she plans to face the situation head on, make bail and eventually settle the score between her and Joseline.

Joseline is still hurt by Stevie J denying her baby and him not being there for him over the course of their pregnancy. The two sit down for the first time since their falling out, a meeting that is sure to result in the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta be a dramatic one.

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