The cheating and scandal continues on this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. After revealing that he lied about being married to Joseline, Stevie J says that he renewed his contract as her manager. However, while they're no longer together, he still intends to be a presence in her career. According to Joseline, she denies that their marriage is a sham and claims he's just jealous due to a photo she took with Rick Ross.

Mimi is livid after hearing about Stevie J's admission that he was never married to Joseline. She feels betrayed after being lied to for years on end. She confronts Stevie about the drama surrounding him and Joseline and he finally comes clean about the reality of his relationship. Stevie says he went along with the rumors to keep her happy and feels disrespected by her actions. He apologizes for deceiving Mimi and vows to settle the score with Joseline.

Yung Joc is over at J-Nicks' house, whose girlfriend, Amber, is getting especially frisky with the rapper. She apparently took a liking to him at a local strip club. J-Nicks reveals the friction between himself and Amber and that he may call it quits with her. Things take a turn when Amber attempts to wipe up liquor she spilled on Yung Joc's thigh, which draws J-Nicks' ire. The two begin to bicker back and forth, with Amber noting that she's aware of her boyfriend's philandering ways.

Tammy Rivera is coming to terms with the state of her relationship with Waka Flocka is on the ropes and admits that although things have improved in their union, she still feels neglected and refuses to put up with any infidelity on his end.

Momma Dee is preparing to release an album, but before that goes down, she'll have hip surgery so she can be able to pull off the dance moves for her music video. She's currently upset about Scrappy's reluctance to appear on a song that she's recording. Momma Dee also has a trick up her sleeve, which is revealed when Betty Idol walks in to join her and Scrappy in the dance studio. His mother may feel that Betty Idol and him could hit it off, but Scrappy still sides with Bambi and has decided not to work with Betty Idol.

Karlie Redd throws a birthday party for herself and debuts her new song, "Put Her On," which features her artist, Showy. While the attention is on her performance, the guest that gets the most reaction is Katt Williams, whom Jessica Dime notices is especially frisky with Karlie. When Jessica Dime inquires about Lyfe, Karlie says that he's been a non-presence in her life. Karlie doesn't mind since she's been visiting Scrapp while he's incarcerated. She headed to the prison with his mom, KK King, and has intentions on making her newfound position as his new lady known. She also says that she is planning on breaking things off with Lyfe during their trip to L.A. to attend the Grammys.

Tammy confides in Bambi about her relationship with Waka Flocka and speaks on her gripes with the state of their marriage. When Bambi suggests counseling, Tammy balks at the idea, but feels that she's ready to make changes to step out of her depression sooner than later.

J-Nicks takes Tiarra out on a date and impresses her with his genteel ways. The two discuss their respective relationships and seem to come to a mutual understanding of where they stand as potential lovers.

After having an argument with J-Nicks, Amber has taken up Yung Joc's offer to join him at a hotel, and the two get intimate. Amber admits to being aware of J-Nicks' dealings with Tiarra, but also suggests that Joc should inform his friend about their budding friends with benefits situation.

Tommie reaches out to Joseline for advice on her relationship with Scrapp. She also wants to break the news about flirting with Stevie and promising sexual favors to Stevie J in an attempt to upset Scrapp. Joseline feels disrespected, but takes the news in stride.

Stevie visits Sass in the studio to check up on him and offers to be his manager while Scrapp is away in prison. In an attempt to anger Joseline, Stevie calls in Jessica Dime to let her hear a track that he wants her to jump on, which makes for an explosive season finale for the coming week.

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