After dropping their P on the DRGS EP at the beginning of the year, LNDN DRGS is back with a new song called "Really Livin."

Teaming up with DJ Kemo, rapper Jay Worthy pays homage to the legendary Vancouver rap group Rascalz by remaking their 1993 track. Worthy flips the Rascalz's hook to tell tales of his younger days on the Vancouver streets. "Kept a little pistol, nice little trey pound/Had a bitch from Seattle, came in off the Greyhound," Worthy raps. "Hoes strung on dope, man, this shit get critical."

XXL caught up with the duo in 2016, who told us about their goals in hip-hop. For Jay Worthy, the rapper said he wants to keep making music that he loves. "All I want to do is travel around the world and do music," he added.

As for Sean House, the producer detailed his goal as, "Having something that represent us, making unique music, something that’s personal to us that reflects what we’re on. As far as objective as where we want to go." He added, "The priority is putting out music that we like rather than music that's going to [be embraced] by a pop audience."

Jay also revealed big plans for himself, telling us he's going to be "the next big shit." The rapper added, "But I don't know if we're comparable to anything. LNDN DRGS is going to be the next wave of new music."

Listen to "Really Livin" below.

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