The major label system can be a cold machine, and even a deal with the most commercially successful rapper of all time can't guarantee a path to success of your own. When Yelawolf's 2011 debut, Radioactive, failed to vault him to superstardom, he went back to the drawing board, retreating to the mixtape circuit that had first made him a commodity. Now, four years later, the Alabama rapper returns with Love Story. An ambitious attempt to merge hip-hop with country and Southern rock, Yelawolf's sophomore album is tailored to his specific, codifying audience; it's the kind of record that could serve as a resume off of which he could tour for the foreseeable future. Bolstered by videos for "Whiskey in a Bottle" and "American You," the album aims to cater to both old heads and the kind of music fans to whom hip-hop is foreign and impenetrable.

The only high-profile collaboration on Love Story is "Best Friend," which features Yela's mentor and label boss Eminem. Dedicated to the protective feeling provided by higher powers, it's each rapper at his most technical, showcasing the precise syllable structures that has garnered each of them respect throughout their careers. You can stream Love Story below, and see a full docket of his tour dates right here.