When rappers beat their chests and proclaim to be Bringing New York Back, they're usually not. Nearly all the classics of the '80s and '90s were pushing relentlessly forward, making stylistic breaks and scoffing at the conservatives and revivalists. So it makes sense that Ratking has been quietly keeping the boroughs exciting this decade, mixing classic frameworks with daring innovation on each side of the boards. But now, the group's star MC, Wiki, is stepping outside his comfort zone and outsourcing the production concerns to Detroit. On "Hate Is Earned," the young rapper swaps Sporting Life's drums for those of the revered underground stalwart Black Milk. Wiki is pointed, nimble and wise beyond his years--all qualities that have made him one of New York's finest. His Soundcloud page, though scant on details, seems to hint at more solo music coming soon.

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