This day probably hasn't played out how T.I. hoped. This morning (Oct. 13), the Atlanta legend was roundly criticized for suggesting that a woman would be inherently unqualified to be president. (All this on the night of the first debate between Democratic candidates for the office; with a full slate of laudatory profiles of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders published this month, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finds herself in the unfamiliar position of the underdog.) It would make sense that he'd like to divert peoples' attention to, well, a duck. He joins DJ E-Feezy for the Alabama rap group Watch The Duck's new single, "Making Luv To the Beat." The Duck men were previously featured on Tip's Paperwork; their debut album, The Trojan Horse, is due out Nov. 20 and is executive produced by T.I., Pharrell and Steve Aoki.

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