Just over a year from now, we'll line up at our local polling places to choose the next president of the United States. And while it's easy to give into your deepest cynicism when you survey our political climate--institutional racism, widespread corruption, and so on--remember that this is America. Remember that this is the land of opportunity. Remember French Montana. The Morocco-born wildlife enthusiast, who grew up in a family estate just outside of Casablanca, beat the odds to become one of the biggest rappers in New York City. Today (Oct. 9), he teams up with one of the other hottest acts in the tri-state area: 2015 XXL Freshman Fetty Wap, who brings his pal Monty along for the ride. (Although relatively unknown to the rap-listening public, the latter was all over Fetty Wap's self-titled debut.) "Freaky" aims for that hour before last call when everything seems like it might just pan out.