David Guetta calls on Fetty Wap for the remix to his track "Bang My Head," featuring Sia.

The original version of the track came out last year, but the remix takes on a new life with the addition of the 2015 XXL Freshman's verse. The song is about rising to the top despite the many hardships that present themselves along the way. Sia takes on the first verse and energetic hook. Fetty humbly follows up. He reflects on what life was like before he blew up and is thankful for where he is now, although hardships may still follow him.

"Bouncing off the wall, going through it all baby/It's so hard to live your life when you gave it up baby/From the fans and the cameras/Different places adventures/And the stress that it brings/Start to wonder if it's worth it/I live life like it's perfect/My children are smiling and that makes me happy/'Cause how I was livin' I swear it had me," he raps. If you're having a bad day or just need some words of encouragement, "Bang My Head" will remind you that you're not alone. Press play above.