The Lil Wayne throwbacks continue. A day after reuniting with former Cash Money artists Mannie Fresh and Juvenile on "Hate," comes a decade old Wayne track newly mixed and mastered. Courtesy of STREETRUNNER, who produced the track, comes "Trouble" a Tha Carter III-era song that finds Wayne deploying a relaxed flow and heavy-minded rhymes similar to say C3's "Tie My Hands."

Over a laid-back key loop, Wayne dishes out rhymes intermittently, letting the beat's sample cover hook duty. Of a friend's suicide, Wayne raps, “Plus he was high as a plane on that same night / Shit I probably been on that same flight.” And later, he reverts to some tough talk while flipping a single rhyme by rapping, "The toolie poke out the jeans / The coke smell just like a bunch of coffee beans, yanahmean? / And everything aint what it seem, yanahmean? / Don’t play that game with out your team / Kill for my bread, kill for cheese, kill for my cream / I will have that red beam on high beam, now I hear sirens."

As STREETRUNNER explains in the song's description, the track was mixed and mastered by Tommy Peluso after leaking nearly a decade ago. In the time since Tha Carter III, the conversation surrounding Wayne has been whether or not he's capable of recapturing his glory days. While "Trouble" doesn't exactly showcase the mixtape Weezy that lives on now in legend and memory, it does provide a decent transport back to before the Best Rapper Alive was discussed with so many question marks attached. Check out the track above.

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