Killer Mike jumps on the remix for Glasses Malone and Kendrick Lamar's "Thuggin" and delivers one of the verses of the year. The original song is off of Malone's upcoming album Glass House 2, which drops sometime this year. While taking shots at Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Geraldo Rivera, Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer, Mike spits bars about oppression, corruption in the justice system and a lot more.

"I'm a thug, the conditions I'm living/It's got me condition for prison, the condition for killing/The condition that we put kids in, often poverty stricken/And even they're education becomes a pipeline to prison/Simply a tool used for mass incarceration/Call it the new plantation, call it new era slavery/Call the court system racist, call it just what it is/A plot and plan for paper that punish the poorest kids," raps Killer Mike.

Malone's first verse and Kendrick's verse are the same as the original song but still hit home.

"Sometimes I look in the mirror and ask myself what I'm scared of/How dare the media portray me this way, I can hear the/Crowd screaming, the weirdest of chants, they all in my ear-a/All that's an error, role model I can't," raps K. Dot. Listen to the remix above. Also watch the Kendrick Lamar break down his verse on the song below.