Lil Yachty has been quiet for the better part of a year, after putting out Birthday Mix 6 last August. The Atlanta rapper appears to have a viral hit on his hands with his latest release "Poland."

Boat uploaded the F1lthy-produced track on SoundCloud on Tuesday (Oct. 4) to a massive response, the vast majority of which were made up of positive reactions. With a simple yet incredibly catchy chorus, Lil Yachty can be heard singing the lyrics "I took the Wock to Poland," seemingly in reference to the slang term for Wockhardt, a pharmaceutical company known for producing promethazine and codeine, the types of cough syrup often found in a cup of lean.

News of "Poland" becoming a viral moment appears to have come as a surprise to the "Yacht Club" rapper. Amid a series of tweets on Tuesday, Lil Yachty explained that he was inclined to prematurely drop the track after he says it leaked unexpectedly.

"Swear da new sound leaked," tweeted Lil Boat.

He quickly added: "I'ma just drop date joint den, fuck it."

With "Poland" receiving widespread critical praise across the internet since its debut, fans and other rappers alike have come out in support of Yachty and his new banger on social media.

"Lil Yachty on my list of best-dressed rappers too," tweeted Wiz Khalifa on Tuesday. "That Poland song is hard."

On Thursday (Oct. 6), both DDG and Denzel Curry took the time out to hit up Twitter to simply write out the lyrics to the song's infectious hook.

"Lil Yachty bringing the wock to Poland has been a bigger moment of 2022 than the queen dying," wrote one Twitter user in reference to the viral impact Lil Boat's drop has seen.

"That nigga Lil Yachty just made an entire country relevant again," another user added.

One Yachty fan shared the sentiments of many by declaring that "Poland" is "one of the best things he's ever dropped."

"Lil Yachty is more influential than Robert Lewandowski cuz last time I checked, Lewa never took the wock to Poland," tweeted a fan in reference to one of the most popular professional soccer players to ever come out of Poland.

Even with all of the positive reactions to "Poland," Twitter users still had to do their thing with some light jokes about the obviously doctored vocal vibrato featured on the song's chorus.

Boat's new sounds follow the release of "Humble," a Diplo-produced single that was Lil Yachty's first drop since last year.

Check Out the Lyrics to Lil Yachty's New Single "Poland" Below

You fuckin' with that, F1LTH'?
(Wake up, F1LTHY)
To Poland

I took the Wock' to Poland
I took the Wock' to Poland
I took the Wock' to Poland

Uh (Phew, phew), ha
I been fiending (Uh), like I'm Kenan
Ride around with a Kel-Tec (Phew, Wock')
If you mean it, baby girl, do you mean it?
I been leaning, baby girl, I been leaning (Yeah, Wock')
Phew, phew, phew (Wock')
Phone still ringing, battling all my demons (Yeah)
I been fiending, baby girl, I been fiending (Wock')
Hope you love me, baby, I hope you mean it (Wock')

I took the Wock' to Poland
I took the Wock' to Poland
I took the Wock' to Poland

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