It looks like the tension between Lil Yachty and Joe Budden hasn't been completely dissolved, as the Atlanta rapper is sporting some new slanderous gear towards Joe. At his recent Toronto concert, Lil Boat is seen sporting a "Fuck Joe Budden" hoodie sweatshirt while performing for a crowd of his loyal fans.

Not only does he rock the sweatshirt for the audience to see, and for fans online to immediately take notice of once footage surfaces, but the crowd also chants "Fuck Joe Budden" during Lil Boat's set. Yachty then makes some negative remarks about the older hip-hop generation talking down on the younger, upcoming generation.

"Aye man, these old ass niggas need to stop fucking with these young niggas, man," he says in the video below.

After catching the footage floating on social media and multiple outlets, Yachty responded by explaining why he wore the sweatshirt, claiming that it was thrown on stage by a fan.

"I put it on, cuz what a hater gotta say," he writes in the comments. "that's why, all dese broke n*ggas lucky it's free to make a comment on someone's post. Cus if you had to pay to make a statement.. it would be a lot less talk."

If you recall, the feud between Yachty and Joe Budden began on Twitter, leading to their conversation on Complex's Everyday Struggle web series earlier this year. Joe caught tons of backlash from the Sailing Team captain's fans after calling him out for not knowing what a 360 record deal was, as well as accusing him of being naive in his happiness.

Watch the footage of Lil Yachty rocking the controversial sweatshirt below.

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