Lil Yachty is 18 years old, having been born in 1997, just one month before Mase released his landmark album Harlem World. The Atlanta rapper and 2016 XXL Freshman evokes the Bad Boy artist and his breakout year though on a new track with Carnage, aptly titled "Mase in '97." Shiny suits not required.

On the bouncing, buzzing track, Yachty speeds up his flow to a dizzying pace, retracting threats with lines like "I might catch a body, I’m lying, I’m too rich for that," and referencing early 2000s Nickelodeon cartoons by rapping, "Bitch got more hair than Jimmy / Bitch granting wishes like Timmy."

That last bar is particularly noteworthy as the Timmy in question, Timmy Tunrer from The Fairly Odd Parents, is the same animated character that Desiigner used for the conceit of his XXL Freshman Freestyle, a clip that has gained such traction so as to receive unsolicited remixes and prompt a video of Desiigner and Mike Dean in the studio, previewing a recorded version of it. The two rappers are the same age though, so cross referencing seems nothing more than coincidental.

At just 1:44, "Mase in '97" isn't belabored (if anything, it ends too soon), with Yachty packing in more rhymes here than in many of his much longer songs, such as "Check Up," which dropped in mid-June. Listen to the new track courtesy of Spotify up top, while just below is Yachty's own Freshman Freestyle, which he starts off with "Hi momma, I did it, I'm finally here."

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