Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti are back at it again with another new banger for fans, and this one is titled "Bankroll." The Philadelphia and Atlanta rappers, respectively, team up for the brand new record, which is produced by DP Beats.

The melodic instrumental features Uzi crooning about a woman he's pursuing in his signature Auto-Tune style.

"Told that bitch to call my phone/Then she text my phone with upset face and I look like yeah," Uzi rhymes. "Told that bitch to give me dome/Pass her to my bros like ain't shit changed and we look like yeah/And I'm smoking on this dough/Taking Xans ’til I can't feel my face and I look like yeah."

Carti comes in on the bridge throughout the track, where he rhymes about making sure that he always keeps his money up.

“I always keep the pole,” Carti raps. “Everywhere I go, I keep the pole/Everywhere I go, these bitches know/Everywhere I go, my bank don’t fold.”

Both Uzi and Carti have been dropping a series of tracks and videos together over the last year, with one of their latest being "Squad (Firearm)," as well as the visuals to "Lookin." There's been speculation since last year that they've been working on a joint mixtape as well.

Take a listen to Uzi and Carti's new "Bankroll" song in the stream below.

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