Lil Tay might claim to be "the hardest flexer in the game," but her antics seem to be more controversial than impressive so far. The young social media personality has been accused of putting on a facade to earn followers and fans as she shows off the lavish homes, cars and stacks of cash on Instagram, but now, she's claiming that none of it is an act.

During an interview with Good Morning America yesterday (May 23), the 9-year-old sits down with her mother, Angela Tian, for a conversation with journalist JuJu Chang about her stardom, addressing some of the controversies behind her antics. Right off the bat, Tay's demeanor appears to be much more soft-spoken and well-mannered in comparison to her social media presence. Despite the difference, she tells the host that she is not being forced or coached to do any of her viral videos, and that her mother nor brother are exploiting her for money.

"No one's forcing me to do this," she explains. "That's not true that she wants to make money off of me."

There were also reports that her mother was forced to resign from her real estate job after Tay used one of her mom's client's homes and vehicles in a controversial online video. Despite Tian leaving her position following the video after being confronted, Tay maintains the narrative that she didn't use anyone else's home for her content, and that it cannot be proved that she did.

"I didn't shoot in anyone else's house," she claims. "No one has proof that I did."

Another controversy surrounding Lil Tay has been her social media use and questions about who the real person behind her account may be. As the GMA host reiterates, Instagram's policy only allows users to be as young as 13 years old to sign up, but Tay is only 9 years of age. Many social media users believe that her mom or her brother run her account, but she claims that she is the one behind the posts.

"My mom doesn't run [my] social media. I use my own Instagram," she states.

After boasting about earning "accomplishments" for her social media antics, the host asks Tay how she feels about doubters and those who don't believe that her flexing is legitimate.

"If they don't believe that, then I don't really like care," she explains.

Towards the end of the video, the popular Instagram star talks about her education, where she claims that she is a "Harvard dropout." The host challenges her by asking what city Harvard University is located in, which seems to stump Lil Tay.

"I'm a Harvard dropout," she claims. "Um, I kinda forgot cause I haven't been there in a long time."

As a result, her mother claims that she is going to be homeschooled and has already picked up a sponsor thanks to her social media following. The sponsor she is referring to may be connected to the alleged million-dollar deal Tay claims to have earned with Tunes Audio headphones, but so far, the deal has not been confirmed.

Right after interview, Lil Tay posted one of her signature-styled videos to Instagram, where she hops out of a luxury vehicle with a stack of cash in her hands. She points out Juju and the ABC News cameras surrounding her, who all appear visibly uncomfortable as they watch Tay in action.

Check out the full interview featuring Lil Tay on Good Morning America below.

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