Lil Pump isn't here for any of Teejayx6's accusations.

On Sunday night (March 1), Pump responded to the Detroit rapper's allegations that the South Florida rhymer ripped off his flow. In a video uploaded to social media, the 2018 XXL Freshman didn't even have to say the Teejay's name to make it clear who he's addressing.

"Stealing who flow?!" Lil Pump shouts into the camera. "Nigga, I made this shit! Nigga, I run this shit! Bitch, I'm the king of Miami! Stop fucking playing with me, nigga."

The response arrived not long after the "Gucci Gang" spitta shared a clip of a new song on his Instagram Story. Once the snippet made its rounds throughout the internet, Teejayx6 caught onto it and claimed he influenced Pump's flow on the song.

"Wow everybody tag @lilpump for stealing my flow," X6 captioned the video of Pump's rap. "Tell that nigga i need a song now with me & @kasherquon on it back from when he captioned dynamic duo."

The caption in question stems from an Instagram post Pump made back in September 2019. Pump doesn't quote the lyrics from Kasher Quon and X6's "Dynamic Duo" verbatim. However, the self-proclaimed "human Black Air Force 1" believes he still influenced Pump.

"This nigga used my bar from dynamic duo as his caption but switched a word or 2 around just so i wouldn’t get no recognition smh he don’t want me to blow past him," Teejayx6 wrote in a separate Instagram post.

Check out Teejayx6's posts below.

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