Lil Pump continues to splurge after signing a reported $8 million deal with Warner Bros. Records in March. For his latest purchase, the "Gucci Gang" rapper picked up a diamond chain designed in his likeness by Icebox Diamond and Watches.

The piece features Pump's jewel-face wearing grills and multi-colored locks. In an Instagram post on Sunday (July 1), the chain reflects light like a disco ball. It cost the rapper around $360,000, he wrote in a since-deleted caption.

The Florida phenom and 2018 XXL Freshman has spent a considerable amount of time at jewelers in recent months. He picked up eight diamond pieces in January from Avianne & Co in New York City, racking up a reported bill around $350,000. Pump returned to Avianne in May after signing his latest contract and copped some iced-out watches for his team.

"We just go in and we buy whatever we want. We gon' be rich forever!" Pump said at the time.

Pump's latest spending spree comes after his self-titled debut mixtape was certified gold. It also comes on the heels of his appearance on the 2018 XXL Freshman List, for which the rapper dropped a fire new freestyle. The spitter claims to have a new project with fellow Freshman Smokepurpp coming soon.

You can check out the new ice below.

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