Lil Durk always seems to have some new material loaded in the vault to unleash for fans, and it looks like he has a new record with Future on the way. Previewing a new track with the Atlanta superstar, Durk posts a video of himself on Twitter jamming along to the song on Twitter.

The Chicago native shows half of his face looking at the camera as the new song plays in the background. While there's no word on what the title of the track could be, Durk does write the caption on the video. "Me and Future go back to back," he writes. The tweet itself reads, "Streets need this ASAP."

In the video footage, Super Future's part on the new record plays, which features him shouting out his collaborator and making a metaphorical reference to Microsoft and Apple products.

"Me and Durkio go back to back/Hanging out the window mac to mac," he raps. "Spend a block, nigga/Spend it one more time."

This is far from the first time that Durk and Future have teamed up on a track. The two joined forces with Jeezy on "Goofy" last year, while Durk has also expressed his praise for the "Mask Off" rapper in the past.

Watch Lil Durk preview his new song with Future in the video below to hear what they're cooking up.

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