Lil Durk likes listening to rappers whose rhymes and simple and to the point.

On Wednesday (May 17), RapCaviar shared a snippet of an interview with Durk where he talks about J. Cole's verse on Durkio's new single "All My Life." According to the Chicago rapper, the complex verse was a bit much for his personal taste.

"He went crazy. I had to listen to it like four times," Lil Durk recalled. "You know I ain't super big on lyricist-type rappers. Cole is one of the ones, him and Jay[-Z], you gotta play them 50 times to catch what they saying. Like, if you listen to Lil Wayne right now and you heard some s**t 10 years ago that you just catch onto today."

However, Lil Durk was definitely appreciative of the Dreamville rapper blessing him with a collab.

"But [J. Cole] definitely gave me one of them verses and I appreciate it," Lil Durk added. "Because he ain't have to for real. He couldn't give us anything."

Durk talked about the single during his spring 2023 XXL magazine cover story interview.

"Definitely got J. Cole on 'All My Life,'" Lil Durk revealed. "It’s just a rap that’s just showing you what I been going through. What I been doing lately. Trying to change how I am. Dr. Luke produced it. We were just trying to figure out like what’s the right person to put on it. ’Cause it’s one of those songs where if it’s not the right person to do the second verse... I feel like Cole can bring the energy that I’m looking for to it. So, if it wasn’t J. Cole, it’d be [Kanye], but Ye, he tucked away somewhere."

Lil Durk's new Almost Healed album is scheduled to be released on May 26.

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