Lil Bibby is taking some inspiration from Jon Snow. The Chicago rapper drops a new track, named after the Game of Thrones character, which features some unapologetic bars.

"I got 'em like damn, who is that boy from the Go/He steady switching his flow/Pull up the show, he rocking all of this gold/Why is he sounding so old/Nobody knows, nobody knows/Told 'em fuck all of these clothes, just give me the dough/I just been stacking this print like the John is coming/I'm in Chiraq cooling, counting hundreds/Like rob who, boy don't no dummy/Please don't run up on 'em, keep a gun up on 'em/Like buh-buh-buh, 30 on me, I'll murder homie/You prolly shoulda been a good friend/Now it's blood on my new Timbs," Lil Bibby raps at the top of the track.

Lil Bibby is just getting started with those lines as "John Snow" sees the former XXL Freshman piling on the rhymes for two straight minutes

"I'm still in the street/Dressed in all black with my niggas, I'm tryna get rid of the beef/Remember them nights I didn't even eat/Trapped in the snow and I can't feel my feet/They calling me Bibby the king, please stop with the memes/These niggas think it's a joke, we toting glocks with the beams/These niggas act like they real, but they are not what they seem/These niggas dying their dreads, tell me what's wrong with they heads/My flow notorious, I hang with warriors/You don't want war with us, nah/You wanna go with us, go ahead and blow with us/We gon' come back doing fine," he continues.

If you need some more Lil Bibby music while you wait for FC3 the Epilogue to drop, make sure to check out his guest spot on PnB Rock's new single "Chosen" produced by Slade Da Monsta.

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