Lil Baby unknowingly changed a hairdresser's life after paying her a "substantial amount" for cutting the rapper and his crew's hair, the woman claims in a teary-eyed video.

On Sunday (Nov. 13), Hollywood Unlocked shared a viral video of a woman tearfully explaining how she just received a major blessing from the Atlanta rap star for doing her job.

"I'm crying because the Lil Baby literally just handed me...He fixed me," she explained. "I had a lot of stuff going on and it's been a rough two months and he took care of me. I literally just took care of his whole entourage and they were so nice and so cool. He literally just took care of me."

"He paid me. He paid me a substantial amount," she added without telling the exact amount. The woman then whipped out her phone and showed the videographer her bank account.

"That’s my bank account right now. And he literally just took all of that away and then some," she added. "He doesn’t know that. He didn't know any of that. He was just being genuine."

"I'm so appreciative to him and Chris' people," she added. "Thank you. I can now buy my son's school clothes. I can pay up some stuff and my bank account looks great again. I thank you, bro."

Lil Baby went viral last year for revealing he pays $420 for his shape ups.

Lil Baby's good deeds have not gone unnoticed. On Sunday (Nov. 13), the Atlanta City Council announced the proclamation that Nov. 13 is Lil Baby Day in Atlanta, citing the rapper's Four the People Foundation and his penchant for giving back to the community.

Check Out Video of the Hairdresser Sharing Her Story Below

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