Kur is ready to take his "Uptop Uptop" single to the next level. The Philadelphia rapper drops a new music video for the Maaly Raw-produced track in hopes of it blowing up in a big way. The visual is straightforward with the focal point being Kur's intense bars.

"Thinking bout the nights, trapping off a bike/I was living trife, I ain't buy a mic but I bought a pipe/Always told my niggas we gon' be alright/Yeah it’s kind of dark, we gon’ see the light/When we get our turn, we’re gon' do it right,” Kur raps.

Kur might be known for his bangers, but he previously told XXL that he prefers making more reflective music. Those types of records give him an outlet to vent.

"I actually enjoy making deep, thoughtful, depressing, real life music more," Kur said. "The street music is cool, but that deep music... For example, my song 'Everything I Wasn’t' or my freestyle 'Alone' was tracks I enjoyed the most. Because it’s like you’re letting everything out. That was my venting point."

Kur has a chance to make an impact tonight (Oct. 4) because he participated in one of the BET Hip Hop Awards cyphers. The Philly rhymer hopes to make an impression with his ingenuity.

"[I want] to do new creative things that haven't been done," Kur told XXL. "For example more ideas like my 'Upside Down Cakes' or my 'Heaven Or Hell,' where instead of talking or downing somebody else, I talked about my self, and how I was a piece of trash, or at least that’s how I felt at the time."

Kur is going to be in Atlanta this week for the 2016 A3C Hip Hop Festival. The rapper is set to perform at a few different stages during the festival, which begins Wednesday (Oct. 5).

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