Krizz Kaliko recently announced his new career move as a pop/R&B singer. The Kansas City native is putting rap on the backburner as he looks to show the world his prowess as a singer. Listeners got their first taste of Kaliko's new venture with the single "Stop the World." Now, he offers up a second glimpse with the track "Behave" featuring Tech N9ne.

The Seven produced single shows off a different side of Krizz Kaliko as it's more upbeat than the emotional "Stop the World." Kaliko handles most of the track before Tech N9ne stops through to drop a verse towards the end. It's another facet of the singer's personality that he hopes to show on the Go album. Kaliko recently spoke about his new career move and upcoming album.

"I’m an unlikely pop star,” Kaliko said. “That’s reserved for conventionally beautiful people but there’s something about me that people gravitate towards. My music overshadows my appearance and my fans love me for the battles I’ve been through and many have told me my music has prevented them from committing suicide. I named my first R&B album Go to propel me out of the funk I’ve been in for the past year. I’ve had to press on through so much crap in my life that the concept of moving forward – to go – has been a mantra that has saved me from killing myself. I also named it Go because we took it there, musically; we went the distance.”

Krizz Kaliko's new album Go will be released on April 8 via Strange Music.

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