Two of the most interesting personalities in hip-hop have joined forces for a new track. Kool Keith enlists the help of the elusive MF DOOM for his latest single titled "Super Hero." The song features a spacey production by Keith which turns out to be a perfect fit for the unconventional styles of both MCs.

As you might expected from the song title, Kool Keith and MF DOOM take plenty of opportunities to name drop various comic book heroes. And in signature Keith fashion, the Ultramagnetic MC member weaves these established characters through his own unique viewpoint.

"I come from a place where superheroes meet up/The X-Men drinking tea watching chicks with D cups/Spiderman saw Doctor Oct spitting on top of a New York City bus/City Island eating shrimps/Throwing fries in water to swans and ducks," Kool Keith raps.

MF DOOM counters with his own Spiderman references: "Web slinger need a beat, we'll black him out/Flank him out, test his spidey senses on his bank account." The former Zev Love X also brings up everything from the Teen Titans to Hello Kitty in his verse.

This Kool Keith and MF DOOM collaboration will be featured on Keith's upcoming album Feature Magnetic. The legendary rapper's new LP is due out Sept. 16 on Mello Music Group. The album includes a who's who of underappreciated hip-hop greats like Godfather Don, Mac Mall and Bumpy Knuckles. Check out the full tracklist below and pre-order the project now on iTunes. You can also stream another Keith and DOOM team up via Atmosphere's "When the Lights Go Out" off the new album Fishing Blues.

1. "Intro"
2. "Stratocaster" Feat. Godfather Don
3. "MC Voltron" Feat. Craig G
4. "Super Hero" Feat. MF DOOM
5. "World Wide Lamper" Feat. B.A.R.S. Murre and Dirt Nasty
6. "Bragging Rights" Feat. Psycho Les of The Beatnuts
7. "Girl Grab" Feat. Necro
8. "Bonneville" Feat. Mac Mall
9. "Tired" Feat. Ed O.G.
10. "Cold Freezer" Feat. Bumpy Knuckles
11. "Peer Pressure" Feat. Slug of Atmosphere
12. "Life" Feat. Sadat X
13. "Writers" Feat. Ras Kass
14. "Cheesecake" (Bonus Track)

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