Of all the story lines to come out of the sad situation involving Lamar Odom, this is probably the most unnecessary. To recap, former NBA star (and Khloe Kardashian spouse) Odom was discovered on Tuesday unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel, with reports claiming he had taken a slew of drugs and sexual performance pills. Odom was rushed to a hospital, where Khloe—the two have signed divorce papers but are still technically married—rushed to his side, along with Odom's former L.A. Lakers teammate and close friend Kobe Bryant. Odom remains in what doctors are calling a life-threatening situation at the hospital, which is incredibly sad for everyone involved.

But then yesterday, TMZ caught up with Master P, who knew Odom and put some of the blame for his drug troubles squarely at the feet of Kobe. “If Kobe was his friend...Kobe, like, owns the [Lakers]. He could’ve got the man back on the team,” P said, adding that Bryant rushing to Odom's bedside made him a "phony." Why P decided to jump in doesn't really make much sense, but Kobe appeared to fire back at the accusations in a tweet sent last night.