Brooklyn meets Harlem as Kirk Knight links up with A$AP Ferg for a new track titled "Setup." Knight, who also produced the track, and Ferg rap over a menacing beat that feels like it should be part of a serial killer film.

"Used to take a shower with detergent/Now I'm rich feelin' on the Persian/Ride in a Bent' with the curtains/'Who that jiggy nigga swervin'?'/Pull and she brought, put the work in/Do not touch hoe when she jerkin'," raps Ferg.

It's dope to see New York crews A$AP Mob and Pro Era link up for a banger. Kirk finishes the song on a strong note.

"Walk in this bitch as some setup/Secret is out, niggas fed up (right)/In the hood gotta keep head up/Complain about me but don't ever do better/Can't act hella cheesy, but been second for months/I'm just making the effort," Knight spits.

There's no knowing if "Setup" is for a project or a loosie, but we do know Kirk Knight and fellow Pro Era member Nyck Caution are working on a collaborative project together. Caution made the announcement on social media that the two artists have already been in the studio making a ton of music.

The second annual Yams Day is set to go down tomorrow (Jan. 18).

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