Kirk Franklin is letting the world know he's got Kanye West's back.

One of the biggest revelations during the final weeks of West putting together his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo, was the addition of the Christian recording, who was pictured in the studio along with West, 2 Chainz and others. Now we officially know he was not there to bless the studio food or pray over the recording equipment as he appears on the LP's intro track "Ultralight Beam."

Needless to say, Franklin aligning with such a secular artist has caused some controversy among Christian community. Now the "Stomp" singer is setting the record straight. Last night (Feb. 13), after he graced the SNL stage with the rapper to perform "Ultralight Beam," Franklin shared his thoughts about Yeezy on Instagram. The God's Property leader posted a picture of himself and West and addressed the issue it seemed his fellow Christians had with his support of the artist.

"Kanye is not me. I am not him. He is my brother I am proud to do life with," he wrote. "No sprints, but Marathons; like most of us are on. Before one song was released, I was crucified because my brother asked me to take a picture. Again 'no Kanye, you're not good enough?' No. That is a dangerous message I believe we send to the world when our posture is they have to meet certain requirements before they are worthy to kiss the ring. It says people are not redeemable, forgivable or candidates for grace. That my friend is religious."

Kirk went on to say he will stand by West's side despite the critics. "I will not turn my back on my brother," he continued. "I will love him, prayerfully grow with him. However long he'll have me, and however long the race takes. To a lot of my Christian family, I'm sorry he's not good enough, Christian enough, or running at your pace...and as I read some of your comments, neither am I. That won't stop me from running. Pray we win."

Listen to Franklin's contribution to The Life of Pablo here.

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