Just a few weeks after dropping a dope single called "God Up," Cleveland rapper Kipp Stone returns with another quality track titled "Down the Way." The Closed Sessions artist gets a little a help from Shawn K, but this is ultimately Stone's show.

"Lesson on top of another lesson/Blessing on top of another blessing/Pry a bank full of storytelling, real nigga still invested," Stone raps.

Last year, Stone spoke to XXL about his aspirations in the rap game. The Ohio native had a very interesting goal, which is far from the usual stardom that most desire.

"I want to be the next big cult classic,” Stone said. “When you think of a cult classic, they don’t really gain a lot of commercial success or nothing like that. But everybody knows this is it, this is the guy. When you’re watching certain movies like Pulp Fiction… It’s not like a huge movie but when you mention a favorite movie you’re going to mention it. Also, I want to prove that you don’t have to be a snake to get success. I have a lot further to go but I got to where I’m at now by staying true to the people around me and staying true to what I believe. I think that’s huge.”

That is an admirable mindset in one's career. But if Stone continues to drop good records like "Down the Way," he may quickly rise beyond cult status.

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