Killer Mike has always been outspoken about his political views. Yesterday (Jan. 22), the Run The Jewels MC said he has no issue with a protester punching alt-right leader Richard Spencer in the face.

This past week, Spencer was punched in the face by an anti-Nazi protester, and the video quickly went viral. People started adding songs to the clip, making sure the beat drops just as Spencer gets hit.

One Twitter user added a RTJ song to the video, which caught the attention of Killer Mike, who quoted the video and said "This is amazing." Then, a bunch of misguided white people started firing back. One tweeter replied, "Why promote hate Mike? Cmon man."

Killer Mike was spot-on with his response, saying, "U do realize dudes a nazi wanna be. I think it's ok for a white guy to knock the shit outta a nazi, still."

Another Twitter user answered, "so violence and hate is ok if it's someone YOU hate. Got it. :/" The 41-year-old artist deals with the misinformed tweeter by saying, "I'm pro violence against enemies of this Republic. Last I checked Nazis were still on My Granddads 'fuck up on site' list. Murica!"

You can check out all of Killer Mike's appropriate responses in the above gallery and the footage of Spencer getting japped in the face below. In music-related news, Mike recently teamed up with his protegé Cuz on the track "Pots N Pans."

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