Run The Jewels rapper and community activist Killer Mike is no stranger to the political rat race. The Atlanta-hailing MC was a vocal proponent for Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders since the very beginning of Sander's run for the White House. And although as of June 2016, Bernie will not be the presumptive Democratic nominee, that's not stopping Mike from getting his fans to go out and vote.

The "Oh My Darling Don't Cry" rapper decided to write an open letter today (June 24), posting his pen game on Playboy about why it's important for young people, especially young Black people, to go vote in the nation's upcoming presidential election. Titled "Black Votes Matter," Mike details how a vote is more than just punching a whole in a piece of paper for the candidate of your choice. To him, it's "a tool for fighting against tyrants.

"My vote is a weapon for my good and against tyranny, from getting a chance to sit on a jury to making sure Atlanta’s public schools return to greatness. My vote is a tool I will use to positively affect my community. Others like me must realize the power of this weapon—or have it used against them by a political class bought and sold by corporations and the men who own them. My name is Michael Render, and I vote. Try to stop me."

Many rappers have made their opinions known during this year's presidential election, more specifically petitioning against Republican nominee Donald Trump. Rappers like Mac Miller, Waka Flocka Flame, Kap G and more have denounced Trump for his racist rhetoric and campaign platforms that favor the rich and marginalize the country's minorities.

Check out Mike's letter in full here.

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