Killer Mike has had the internet going nuts this weekend over a pro-gun interview he did with the National Rifle Association that debuted only days before for the March for Our Lives rallies that took place all over the country. While the Atlanta rapper is not budging a millimeter on his beliefs that United States citizens, in particular Black people, should exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms, he does think the interview may have been used by the NRA to rile up supporters of the MFOL event.

On Sunday (March 25), the Run The Jewels MC's Twitter was buzzing with comments and rebuttals to detractors and supporters.

"Sorry my interview about 'black gun owners' was used in the wrong way but, hey it’s people having far worse days," he replied to one comment. "Thanks for the support. Those folks will be ok and I will Be too. Have a grand day."

Commenting to author Joy Reid's assertion that he cosigned the NRA by being interviewed by the organization he added, "I did an interview. That’s no more a 'co sign' than me doing your show."

Mike claims the NRA interview was done well in advance, and only recently posted, possibly with an ulterior motive. "That org used my words to Black America to inflame organizers of this worthy march but i ain’t their rep. I’m just a black guy who is pro 2A & told others to be. Also it was a week Old. Love & Respect."

In related news, Vic Mensa, who performed at the March for Our Lives rally, recently reached out to the ATL luminary about debating his stance on gun control. Commenting on the issue, DJ Paul recently said he thinks people need assault rifles, but he also agrees stricter gun laws should be in place.

Check out Killer Mike's tweets about his NRA interview below.

See Killer Mike's Tweets Explaining How He Thinks His NRA Interviews Was Used the Wrong Way

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