There's been a long list of accomplishments that Killer Mike has been able to check off in his lustrous career, but his most recent one could be his best. The Southern rapper was recently honored by his home city of Atlanta, where they acknowledged his activism work to push for social change through his platform in music and television.

According to AJC, the Atlanta City Council held an official ceremony this week to honor the Run The Jewels member, where they named July 17 as "Killer Mike Day." City Councilman Andre Dickens attended the ceremony, where he spoke on his respect for the longtime rapper and how he holds down his home city.

“I respect you in so many ways. You represent the ATL well," Dickens stated.

State Senator Vincent Fort was also in attendance of the ceremony, where he added his appreciation for Mike.

“I appreciate this brother because he inspires so many people," Fort told the audience.

Over the last year, Killer Mike has been pushing social and political change, as he has encouraged the black community to invest in black banks and black businesses. He also advocated for access to clean drinking water, as a drill was named after him called "Driller Mike."

He was also previously honored by the Georgia Senate as an ambassador of the city.

See some of the clips of Killer Mike with the Atlanta City Council below, where he was honored for his activism work and representation of the Southern city.

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