After a few much-publicized social media interactions, Killer Mike and MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid were able to sit down and talk about the Atlanta rapper's stance on gun ownership Sunday (April 15).

During the convo, the subject turned to the trending topic of the two Black men who were recently arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks. While many are calling out the coffee chain for having the men taken into custody, the Run The Jewels MC wants to put his energy on commending the men who were arrested for acting with class during an otherwise infuriating situation.

Picking Killer Mike's brain on the Starbucks incident and how it relates to his stance on gun laws, Reid asked, "Do you worry that encouraging Black people to carry endangers Black people's lives?"

"I think Black men are in danger from law enforcement because we need better policing," Mike responded. "But the Black men [in Starbucks] need to be congratulated and saluted. [They] showed themselves dignified, regal in that arrest. They actually kept the situation calm by not raising voice, by not hiding hands."

He added, "I don't think the police would have killed those young men because those young men handled the situation spectacularly."

As previously reported, Reid was one of Mike's most vocal opponents when he sat down for an interview with the NRA. "I did an interview. That’s no more a 'co sign' than me doing your show," he told her on Twitter at the time, saying he was willing to sit down with her and talk about the issues.

They had another social media run-in a few weeks later when he tried to call her out when he thought she was promoting disgraced department store H&M. It turns out she was referring to "hair and makeup" and the rapper ended up feeling the wrath of Twitter.

Check out the interview clip below.

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