"Everyone asks me what my favorite Kanye song is," wrote Kim Kardashian West. "It's 'Only One.'"

Well, that settles it. Taking to Instagram to tease her husband's new cut with Paul McCartney, Kim added that the song--a tender dedication to the couple's daughter, North West--makes her cry "every time [she hears] it." Recalling his stadium-ready sing-a-longs from 2007 (and his Autotuned soul-baring of 2008), "Only One" is the first commercially released song from West since last June's Yeezus.

Rumors of a Kanye West-Paul McCartney collaboration broke earlier this year, with the two working on a song widely reported to be called "Piss On Your Grave." (Talk about a 180.) Though there is little in the way of confirmed information from West or his label, Def Jam, the rapper is believed to have been writing and recording a new album in Los Angeles and Mexico. Snippets of an unfinished song, "All Day," made the rounds online early in 2014.

"Only One" was initially streaming on Soundcloud, but has since been scrubbed from the internet. It is available on iTunes.

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