K Camp links up with Sy Ari Da Kid for the ballad "Julz" this week (Aug. 17). The slow paced banger boasts production from MusicMajorX & TEAUXNY and finds both Camp and Sy Ari in search for girls like YesJulz and Kehlani. The former XXL Freshman adds some ATL attitude to the soft-sounding track. There are plenty of obvious name drops and one-liners in this one.

"Damn right, you say your last nigga ain't hittin' it right/Long overdue, you need some dick in your life/We could fuck around, have a party tonight
Girl let me bend your ass over on the weekend/We can XO like The Weeknd/Through the back door I can sneak in/I came over here for a reason," raps K Camp in the first verse.

In case you're lost on who these Internet vixens are, allows us to put you on. YesJulz is a Miami-based party promoter, host, Internet personality, Snapchat savant and certified baddie. Her signature curves, gorgeous face and turn up attitude are instant attracters for her 500,000 social media followers. And Kehlani is a tatted-up Bay Area songstress redefining what it means to be an R&B singer. The 21-year-old also has a beautiful face and signature look and has been tied romantically to artists like PartyNextDoor.

K Camp has been have on his guest verse grind as of late. Earlier this summer, the Atlanta rapper assisted reggae artist Kranium for the track "Stamina". The song's content was much more blatant than Sy Ari Da Kid's approach.

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