Juice Wrld is arguably one of the hottest rappers in the game right now. But in a new interview, the Chicago-born artist says he feels that rap is losing its edge.

In the NME cover story, published on March 29, Juice laments that people are too hypersensitive when it comes to lyrics. He thinks it has made today's rappers afraid to speak their minds and cites Eminem as a perfect example of a rapper who was once fearless with his rhymes.

"When [Ememen] first came out, what was he doing? Talking shit. About who? Everybody!" Juice Wrld explained. "Some people took it as offensive; others took is as funny. The rap game now – I’m sorry to say it – but it’s so muthafucking soft. You can’t do anything without someone being offended nowadays. When did we become so soft?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Juice also talked about Sting reportedly taking 85 percent of the royalties from his 2018 hit single, "Lucid Dreams." The song interpolates Sting's 1993 track "Shape of My Heart."

“It’s more. I don’t give a fuck about that, though. Money is gonna come regardless," Juice told the publication. "If you doin’ this for money, people gonna be able to tell. For me [it’s more important that] Sting said my music is beautiful, the fact that he performed my version of the song.”

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