Joyner Lucas is on fire. He is the latest rapper to remix Future's popular single "Mask Off" and to be frank, Lucas delivers one of the better versions you'll hear. While the Atlantic Records rapper prepares for his forthcoming 508-507-2209 project, he's been dropping freestyles over popular beats.

On his remix of "Mask Off," Joyner goes insane. "I don't take no fucking percocets/Molly, Percocets/No ecstasy, promethazine/No lean, no purple mess/No dirty Sprite but bitch, I got that Kyrie Irving step/If you don't think that I'm the shit, it's just you ain't heard me yet/I'm 'bout to put my mask on, my mask on/Stick all these industry niggas up until they cash gone," he raps.

Throughout the song, Joyner Lucas also name drops a number of rappers, including Future and Kanye, and even sends some subtle jabs at Lil Yachty ("I'm about to grab niggas by the throat/I'm about to crash Lil Yachty boat/I'm about to drag niggas by the coat"), Logic ("Don't come near me with problems/And don't you compare me to Logic (never)/Go listen to Sriracha," and mumble rappers in general ("What's up with you mumble niggas that never say nothin'?/I'm about to make all of you fuckers go to bed in the oven").

Bump the song below, and see a comment Lucas recently made on Facebook giving some insight into his shot at Logic.


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