As the hip-hop community continues to mourn over the tragic death of Juice Wrld, fellow rapper Joyner Lucas had something to say about it.

On Monday (Dec. 9), the Massachusetts rapper jumped on his Twitter account to grieve for Juice, but to also point blame for the late rapper’s untimely demise.

“Juice wrld was 21. He was a product of our generation of rappers who glorified drugs and made it cool,” Joyner wrote in a tweet. “Im blaming Yal niggaz for this shit. [All] that lean and pills niggaz glorify and talk about. You teaching the kids to do it. Smh you happy now?Rip @JuiceWorlddd. Gone too soon.”

Following Lucas’ tweet, several fans posted their opinions. Some agreed with Joyner and think that people are afraid to have a hard conversation about mental health and drug usage. However, some people believe that the drug addiction is a societal problem unrelated to music or rappers.

“I’m blaming people for not getting him mental help,” wrote one user. “Nobody pops pills and drinks all the time unless they’re going through some shit and that’s the only way they feel they can cope with the pain.”

Another person wrote, “This a conversation that people aren’t ready for. Y’all want the truth, but y’all get mad when y’all receive the truth. That type of ignorance is why shit like this keeps happening.”

You can read fans' reactions to Joyner Lucas's tweet about the death of Juice Wrld below.

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