The camera phone and social media have made people slaves to next most-popular picture and fiends for the new big post. But every proposed Instagram flick and Snapchat story isn't a good idea. For instance, running up on a famous rapper while they are hopping out of their car, at presumably the place they lay their head, might backfire. Two fans had to find out the hard way when they attempted to sneak up on Joe Budden for some footage.

Video has surfaced online of two men with their cameras out tailing the New Jersey rapper's BMW as he pulls into a driveway. "This Joe Budden!," they both say in excitement as they jog up on the driver's side of the MC's vehicle as he puts it in park. Unfortunately for them, Budden was not in the "taking picures with random people who run up in my yard mood."

The "Just Because" rapper quickly hops out the car rocking a wife beater, looking like he truly means business. "Are y'all fucking crazy," he says before appearing to charge at men who quickly retreat before the video stops.

We don't know what happened after that, but we're guessing if those two didn't skedaddle fast enough they might have gotten a Newport-smelling fist across the noggin. Don't they know he's already on edge because of all this Drake drama?

For real though, WTF is wrong with people these days.

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