Last night (Aug. 16), Drake brought out Eminem at the Detroit stop of the Summer Sixteen tour. It happened soon after Ebro of Hot 97 floated out a joke about how Eminem might have a diss for Drake in the stash. Stirring the pot, however, Em posted a picture with Drake and captioned it, "Views from The Joe." Even though it was probably a reference to the venue Drake was performing at, the Joe Louis Arena, the internet ran with the alternate meaning. 

Now, in a podcast originally recorded on Periscope and later deleted, Joe Budden talks about Eminem and OVO stans, breaks down how Drake reacts to the people and not specific jabs, and admits that dissing the Toronto rapper is "pointless."

"He's very insecure," Budden says of Drake as he talks about how Six God responds to insults. "If' I'm Drake, I've built my entire empire off said insecurity. So why would I want to get rid of it? I wouldn't. That's exactly why I stopped dissing him. It was pointless."

He starts talking about the whole situation around the 50 minute mark above, but he makes the specific remark about how dissing Drake is pointless around the 1:04:40 mark.

After Em came out at the Summer Sixteen tour and the internet erupted, Budden reacted on Twitter. "I keep trying to be irrelevant but y’all won’t let me lol," he said. "I’m smoking hookah w my girl, why do I have 300 mentions cuz 2 top tier artists performed together ? … I’m lost."

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