Jim Jones is raising eyebrows following his appearance on radio personality Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast after he said his mother tongue-kissed him as a kid.

In an interview with the popular podcast, which premiered on YouTube on Thursday (Jan. 6), Jim Jones spoke on his relationship with his mom and shared that she's responsible for teaching him about sex education. He was later asked by Yee what his mom taught him about sex, which is when he shared the news that has since gone viral. The Harlem rapper revealed that it was his mother, Nancy Jones (a.k.a. Mama Jones), who taught him how to tongue kiss by actually kissing him.

"My mom taught me how to kiss when I was younger," he disclosed.

"What was the instructions?" Yee asked.

"There wasn’t no instructions, she showed me with her mouth," Capo replied.

Shocked by his answer, Yee responded, "She kissed you?"

"It’s my mother, what do you mean?" a puzzled Jones retorted.

Jones further explained that Mama Jones had him when she was 17 years old, so to him, it wasn’t unusual for them to have such a close bond. The Dipset member added that it's common for younger mothers to treat their daughters or sons like they are their sister or brother rather than their child due to their closeness in age.

In the end, Jones feels no one should be shocked by the fact that his mother was very direct when it came to teaching him sex education.

However, in a blog post about Jim Jones’ statements on Lip Service, fans in the comment section had polarizing opinions about his remarks.

One commenter bemoaned that some men think this is normal and not sexual abuse.

"So many men have been conditioned to accept their sexual abuse it’s so heartbreaking," the person wrote, adding a crying face emoji.

jim jones mom kiss in mouth instagram
tifftheteenagebitch via Instagram

Another person commented that Jones' close relationship with his mother explains why Mama Jones hasn't always gotten along with Jones' fianceé Chrissy Lampkin.

"He was too confident in that response like that was normal. NO SIR!!! This explains a lot as why she was like that with Chrissy," the user wrote.

jim jones mom kiss in mouth instagram
yani_barberella via Instagram

Almost everyone in the comment section, however, believe that Jones should have kept this shocking revelation to himself.

"He should've took this one with him to the grave," wrote one commenter.

jim jones mom kiss in mouth instagram
mswave via Instagram

Watch Jim Jones’ conversation with the ladies of Lip Service podcast below. Fast-forward to the 31-minute mark to listen to Capo talk about his mom showing him how to tongue kiss.

Keep scrolling to find more social media reactions to Jim Jones' divulgence about how he learned to tongue kiss.

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