Jim Jones isn't convinced about Jada Pinkett Smith's alleged past as a drug dealer. So, he's calling on crackheads and fiends to verify the actress' claims.

Jim Jones Questions Jada Pinkett Claims

Jada Pinkett Smith has been the talk of the internet for the past couple of weeks as she goes on a press run to promote her new book Worthy. Jim Jones recently weighed in on a passage in the book where the actress said she sold drugs. Capo isn't buying it.

"My whole thing is, If you sold crack in the '90s, nine times out of 10, there’s still some crackheads in the neighborhood that can vouch that you were selling that butter," Jim Jones said in a video shared on social media below.

"I don't know where Jada grew up at but we need to go check and see if they got some fiends that can verify, validify that she was selling thang, and that she had that butter on the block for sale."

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Jada Pinkett's Drug-Dealing Claims

Jada Pinkett Smith has had the internet going nuts as she continues to make revelations about the past during her promo run. One excerpt from the book finds Jada talking about taking up selling crack when she was younger.

"Growing up, the drug dealers were the ones that had affluence. That’s what we readily saw as success," Jada says in her memoir.

This isn't the first time Jada has talked about her alleged past slangin' rocks. Back in 2017, she revealed she was selling crack when she met Tupac. Jada has also shocked everyone by revealing she and Will Smith have been separated since 2016. She has also shed more light on her relationship with Tupac Shakur.

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See video of Jim Jones questioning Jada Pinkett Smith's alleged drug-dealing past below.

Watch Jim Jones Call on Fiends and Crackheads to Verify Jada Pinkett Smith's Former Drug Dealer Claims

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