With all the Illuminati talk and New World Order I cannot help but think… “Wow, the Illuminati worked.”

What I mean by saying this is, 15 years ago The Goodie openly spoke on and addressed this conspiracy and OutKast alluded to it in their music. The music was jamming (meaning it made folks wanna party) and informative (meaning the message in it actually would help you). The music was a force that openly challenged corporations, government and classism. The music challenged the listener to question and learn more. Along with groups like Brand Nubian, Poor Righteous Teachers, Public Enemy, N.W.A., Rage Against The Machine, Ice Cube, KRS-One, Scarface, Paris, The Coupe, Rakim the audience was given an alternative to the teaching of the Status Quo. Not only were the rappers rapping, writers were writing and the fans were reading. The Isis Papers, Behold a Pale Horse, Dark Alliance, The Fall of America, Nigger, Blood in My Eye, the autobiographies of Malcom and Martin. In this day and age ehhh not so much!

Keep in mind that with all these positive messages these artist spoke and wrote, it was gangster/XXX rappers Ice T and Luther “Skywalker” Campbell that were both at odds with the federal government fighting for free speech and against government sanctioned censorship only to be dissed later by the young niggas who benefited from their suffering (*sigh* thanks Ice and Luke). Rappers walked what they talked and this was dangerous for the establishment for real, not like the “real talk” bullshit of today. I honestly knew when Rage Against the Machine broke up and Dead Prez didn’t “Blow Up” shit was over “The Illuminati” had won. The temperature of the times had grown too cold. Compound that with the post-911 mentality of safety over freedom and it’s a wrap. I mean they actually just made the face of terror a Nigga in a white tee… shit we in trouble. Guess Bol was right about me. I hope that nigga didn’t have the "Pressure" video in his hard drive cuz I’m fucked if he does. Twenty years ago every rapper would’ve said “Mayne, something ain’t right I don’t trust this story right now…” (crickets)!

The people who had been so fired up as kids have accepted con man home loans. Joined mega churches bought cars they could not maintain and buried themselves in Debt to the same companies they bucked on in high school and college. These same companies support what is commonly called the illuminati.

They had become mid-20 something year-olds and sought conformity and “better schools for their children,” (which is bullshit by the way, if public schools failed us and served as an indoctrination central then why would any thing change now?). They abandoned working class rap with high ideals and bought into “conscious” fruit cake rap. Rap that is vocal but not offensive, rap that was smart but not blue collar, rap that was willing to protest (see Kanye’s rant on Bush) but not riot (see Rage Against the Machine at the Democratic National Convention). The Illuminati has won because it keeps us focused on stupid shit like “Is Jay-Z a mason?,” “Does Rhi Rhi worship the devil?” and “Can I hear Satan speaking on a rap record?” LMAO

Please see Tipper Gore (Al’s wifey) at Senate hearings in the 80s doing the same shit to Judas Priest. This strategy has been used before and now it’s being introduced again only better, slicker and more effective. Sorta like the old white bearded man told Ne-Yo in the last Matrix (go watch it!). Folks we been here before. Only this time they put black faces on the debate (Barack, Jay, Ye’ ) but it’s still what’s behind the curtain we should question not the actors on stage. I been here before the fear talk, the “chips in your forehead fears,” but hey your debit card is your beat number, the Euro and soon to come Amero is the one world currency. So have no fear the Illuminati is already here, already running your life now that you know this what will you do to be more like the character in V (Vendetta) and less like you are now. While you were arguing Hova’s video points, the debate on supporting the Black Caucus in it’s attempt to hold our President of the United States (POTUS) to task about making loans available for black business died in the media SMH. So now, put up or shut up! You’re already a slave to your financers. What will you do to get free! The forces you speculate about are your masters. They control your food, water, laws, money and movements to have to find new ways to escape that grip. Simply looking at artsy fartsy videos with Skulls, hammers, horns and complaining don’t count!

Here’s a link to something you can do today to begin to take back your freedoms. –It’s Bigga!