Ice Spice has had a meteoric rise to fame and she thinks it's partially due to her occupying her own lane in the rap game.

On Wednesday (April 12), Paper magazine debuted their latest cover, which features Ice Spice in a bathtub of diamonds. In the interview, the buzzing Bronx, N.Y. rapper talked about her rise in the rap game, sparked by the 2022 viral single "Munch (Feelin U)." Ice believes she has separated herself from other women in the rap game with her style.

"I don't know if I fit in. I think that's what makes me so different," Ice Spice told the publication. "I feel like it's a new lane that I've started, and I'm starting to hear a lot of other artists sound like they belong in my lane now."

The Bronx drill rapper's sound has garnered a quickly spreading fanbase off the strength of singles like the aforementioned "Munch (Feelin U)," "In Ha Mood" and "Gangsta Boo."  In January, she released her debut EP Like..? Last month, Ice Spice was featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s April 2023 Music Director story where she talked about her future.

"I’m open to working with writers at some point when the time is right, but right now, I’m sticking to what got me here in the first place," Ice Spice told HB. "That’s me being creative in the studio with Riot. We just cook up bops, we make vibes; I try not to think too hard and just really have fun."

"I feel like I’m bringing a new sound to people that they haven’t really heard before, being one of the few girls to bring drill to a mainstream level," Ice added. "It’s refreshing and fun—I’m really enjoying it."

Ice Spice is currently prepping her debut LP.

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