Major Swedish retailer H&M pays tribute to one of hip-hop’s brightest stars with a two-piece capsule collection for the winter of 2017. Inspired by Atlanta rapper Young Thug, the all-new garments from H&M are now available exclusively on the retailer’s website.

Comprised of two black hoodies, the items pay homage to Thug’s incredible run in 2017. With one of the hoodies themed after Thug’s UK tour from the summer, the hoodie features the UK tour stops on the sleeve and a statue graphic inspired by Thug’s mixtape series, Slime Season, on the back. The second hoodie will be themed after Thugga’s 2017 solo mixtape, Beautiful Thugger Girls. With the mixtape's name embroidered on the hoodie, the garment is rounded out by Thug's name on the front chest portion.

H&M is known to dabble in the world of entertainment as it has released several seasonal collaborations with Canadian superstar The Weeknd this year. The retailer also announced a few weeks back its upcoming collaboration with West Coast rapper G-Eazy.

The H&M Young Thug-inspired hoodies are now available for consumers to purchase at the H&M website.

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