Once again, the rap games loses another artist due to violence as it has been confirmed that Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh was shot and killed at Street Execs studio in northeast Atlanta, last night (March 4).

Details on the situation are still coming in, but the 28-year-old MC was the only person injured during the shooting, in which police say they recovered 50 shell casings. At this time, police have not released any suspect information or reported motivation for the heinous crime.

This adds to the list of violent incidents that have occurred in hip-hop recently. Just last week, producer AraabMuzik was shot in the arm and jaw in Harlem, N.Y. The week prior, Dreamchasers artist Chino was shot during a drive-by in his hometown of Baltimore, Md. Right before Christmas, Chicago MC King Louie was shot in the head in Chicago. These three artists were able to recover from their wounds. Sadly, Bankroll Fresh was not as he was transported to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

With news of Fresh's death hitting the Internet and making its rounds among the people who knew him, rappers are starting to take to social media to pay homage to the rising A-town rhymer. 2 Chainz took to Instagram and posted a picture of his late friend along with the caption, “We jus f-cked Charlotte up ! It was all good few days ago R.I.P Bru.” He later posted a second picture calling Fresh an “atl legend” with “infinite potential.”

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