Former football and movie star O.J. Simpson has been an object of pop culture obsession for decades now. Accused of murdering his ex-wife and her friend in 1994, Simpson's reputation has gone through the blender more than a few times over. Most recently, O.J. has spent the past nine years in a Nevada prison after being convicted of armed robbery he committed in 2007; O.J. and some accomplices robbed a casino of sports memorabilia using guns.

Today (July 20), The Juice was once again the center of attention as ESPN aired the 70-year-old's parole hearing for that crime. After some public deliberation and questioning, a state parole board concluded that serving nine years of the 33-year sentence was punishment enough and granted O.J. his freedom.

As the news spread that Simpson would once again be a free man, many who are familiar with his infamy reacted on social media, coming up with hashtags like #OJFree and #TheJuiceIsLoose. But the nation's fascination with O.J.'s story certainly isn't lost on the hip-hop world. Rappers have been making reference to O.J. as a figurehead for years (one of the most popular songs on Hov's new album is called "The Story of O.J."), so it makes sense that there would be mixed emotions about this new development. While the parole hearing was going on, Ja Rule personally live-tweeted his reactions throughout the entire event while Purple Heart Plies offered his fellow celeb advice about how to score a couple sympathy points. N.O.R.E. even posted a rare pic with Simpson.

"If somebody got O.J.'s number, y'all better call him," said Plies on Instagram. "Y'all better tell him he got to start crying in the court room or something."

Peep which rappers are reacting to the news of O.J. Simpson being granted parole below and check out how many rap songs have mentioned The Juice over the years.

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