As all of us know, Dr. Dre doesn't do too much rapping these days, so anytime he drops some new heat, it's always worth giving it a listen. Recently, he did just that. Check out his latest track, titled "Gunfiyah," below.

The track technically premiered on Dr. Dre's Beats 1 radio show, The Pharmacy, a little while back, but is also featured in Dre's new documentary Defiant Ones with Jimmy Iovine. It features a fast-paced beat and Dre, who has production on Eminem's new album, also delivers some equally rapid-fire rapping as well, flexing on his competition the whole way through.

"Who got a hit just like this? And got heart and rich like this?/Never failed, 20 years and he still got grip like this/And got kids with a super hot bitch like this/You spending time tryna get like this," Dre raps in the second half of his first verse on the track.

People seem to think either Kendrick Lamar or King Mez wrote the track, but there's nothing in the way of confirmation on that. You might hear some of Jon Connor's style too.

Speaking of pretty dope, The Defiant Onesa new HBO documentary series chronicling the rise of Dre and Jimmy Iovine from Interscope Records to Apple execs—definitely lives up to its that description. The first episode of the series premiered just the other day, and HBO will air the second one Monday night (July 10) at 9 p.m. EST.

Check out Dre's new track for yourself below.

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