A couple months after dropping off his Rick Ross-assisted track "Cheap Thrills," Gunplay pulls up with "My Phone," which is essentially a mid-tempo ode to his trap phone.

The new track finds Gunplay, who recently unleashed a mobile video game called Gunplay Apocalypse, spitting about his phone being blown up by prospective drug customers. It doesn't sound like he's stressing.

In case there were any doubts he's talking about anything but a trap phone, check out the cover art, which features an iPhone with a shattered screen and an incoming call from someone named "Crackhead Bobby."

"Up all night get to the fucking money/Fuck is this calling my phone/6 'o clock in the fucking morning/Trap stay bumping, phone doing numbers," Gunplay spits on the hook for the new track, which is definitely a slapper.

Once he jumps into the verse, Gunplay jumps into a series of bars characterizing a hustler's persona. "Started with a 3-5 hard, then I had to beat my charge/Up I had to keep my guard/Ice box where I keep my heart," he spits on the icy instrumental. "Cold blooded, hoes love it/Dope boy and some dope boy money," he continues.

Gunplay's latest track marks yet another time the rapper's popped up to deliver some heat without much more than a moment's notice. Here's to hoping he keeps supplying that heat!

Check out "My Phone" for yourself below. Cop it the track iTunes.

Black Bilderburg Group / EMPIRE
Black Bilderburg Group / EMPIRE

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